PowerPlus Racing Fuels

powerplus racing fuels in Ipswich Qld


PowerPlus Racing Fuels Ipswich & Brisbane

Scott's Rods Performance Exhausts & Mechanical are your local Ipswich and Brisbane distributor of PowerPlus Racing Fuels. 

We can supply E85, E98, 98+, E98+, 99+, 102+, 105+, 108+, 110+ and Methanol just to name a few.

PowerPlus Racing Fuels cater for Drag Racing , Go Kart Racing, Motorcycle Racing, Circuit Racing and Drifting.

All fuel purchases need to be pre-ordered in advance to allow delivery time from PowerPlus in Melbourne.  Once we receive your order we will call you to arrange to pick up from our workshop in Yamanto, Ipswich, Qld.

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