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Catalytic Converters

What is a catalytic converter?

catalytic converter (cat) is an emissions control device that converts toxic gases in your exhaust to less harmful emissions before leaving the vehicle’s exhaust system.  A catalytic converter is usually fitted into your exhaust pipe work as close as possible to the engine.

Do I need a catalytic converter in my exhaust?

Generally speaking, if your vehicle came from factory with a catalytic converter fitted, then your vehicle must maintain one to be road legal.

What is the difference between a metallic and ceramic cat?

The core of the cat is made from either ceramic or metallic material.  The majority of vehicles come standard with a ceramic cat, however most performance aftermarket cats have a metal core.

What does CPSI (cells) mean?

CPSI stands for Cells Per Square Inch.  The less cells a cat has, the less restrictive the flow of exhaust gas is.

Which cat is right for which vehicle?

While customers with race vehicles may choose a 100 cell metal cat, late model vehicles may require a specific euro rated cat.

Whether you want a catalytic converter for race use or a specific euro rating, we carry a range of cats in different shapes and sizes.  Most cats are a universal fit so you need to confirm they will suit the exhaust pipe size, the clearance under the vehicle and the space you have to fit the cat (length and diameter of the cat body).

We have a few “bolt on” cat options that are vehicle specific and these include the pipework and flanges for a direct fit into a factory standard vehicle.

We carry a range of Catalytic converters both petrol and diesel specific.

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