Safari Snorkels 4x4

Safari Snorkel Specialists In Ipswich Qld

Safari Snorkel Specialists Ipswich Qld


Australian made Safari Snorkels are designed and manufactured to keep your 4WD breathing, whether it be driving through the bush or a deep water river crossing in the outback. Australian made and manufactured, it's a 4WD snorkel that has been tried and tested all over the world and trusted by thousands.

We can supply and fit Safari Snorkels at our workshop, or just offer a great price for a kit so you can pick up for DIY. Please contact us for all product enquiries.  We can order in any parts not kept in stock. 


Hilux with Safari Snorkel Kit In Ipswich Qld


How do 4X4 Snorkel help my vehicle?

The Snorkels aid in helping prevent dust, water & snow affect engine performance, most commonly when adventuring around the country or on off-road trips, keeping all airflow up nice and high on the vehicle.

These specially designed 4x4 snorkels assist in making deep water crossings achievable and dusty terrain not a issue for your 4WD giving you the freedom to drive almost in any condition under the sun.  


What are Safari Snorkels made from?

Safari Snorkels are made from cross linked polyethylene material which is highly durable and handles high UV ratings. Some snorkels are manufactured with stainless and plated steel to increase durability against the elements preventing corosion to your off road snorkel. 

All fittings and joiners are made from high quality products to keep the parts sealed and act as one piece to allow no moisture or dust through the gaps.

Safari Snorkel Kits Ipswich Qld


Safari Snorkel or Stainless Snorkel?

Safari Snorkel have done countless amounts of research to stop as much water and dust as physically possible from getting into the engine. Although not as appealing to the eye as stainless snorkels the Safari Snorkels are slimline and match to the body shape of your vehicle to give a nice subtle look.


Compatible 4WD Models 

If you're unsure or want to confirm the right snorkel for the right model, please call Scotts Rods (07 3812 0266) for expert advice and professional service.   


FORD 4X4 GM/Isuzu 4X4
Jeep 4X4 Land Rover's 4X4
Mercedes 4X4 Mazda 4X4
Mitsubishi 4X4 Nissan 4X4
Suzuki 4X4 Volkswagen 4X4
Toyota 4X4  



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