Fitment Tips for our Turbo Diesel Exhaust Kits

Basic Fitment Instructions for 4WD 3” Dump pipe and Exhaust Kit

  1. Spray all rubbers, nuts and bolts on original exhaust with WD40 or similar for ease of removal.
  2. Unwrap and lay out new exhaust and gasket kit. Check all parts are present.
  3. Remove factory dump pipe and exhaust, keeping the original steel gasket at the rear of the factory turbo.
  4. Bolt up new dump pipe and loosely reposition bolts. If M8 nuts and bolts (smaller) are in your gasket kit, they need to be fitted to any three bolt flanges.
  5. Hang and loosely bolt the remainder of the new exhaust using gaskets, nuts and bolts supplied.
  6. Once the exhaust is hanging in the correct position, running the original path of the factory exhaust, tighten bolts from dump pipe to rear, adjusting hanging position of exhaust as you go.

Additional Notes:

Due to movement of the engine and turbo, bolts should be retightened after the first few weeks and then checked every now and then after that.

Our exhausts are designed to suit the standard, factory turbo diesel vehicles and will not bolt up to modified vehicles, even if you have used a factory turbo on a different model it was intended for.  Aftermarket items such as fuel tanks, under tray tool boxes, etc. may also interfere with fitment.

If you have any fitment questions, please call Scott's Rods on (07) 3812 0266 or email us at

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