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Hyundai Excel Race Car Series

Scott’s Rods has been able to offer custom made Intake and Exhaust Systems to Excel Racers all over Australia, and CAMS approved rollcages, either in Kit form, or fabricated into Excel chassis at our shop here in Yamanto. The experience gained over that time has seen an expansion of services available from Scott’s Rods for Excel Racing Australia wide, and we are able to now supply everything from Rollcage Kits all the way to Turn Key Racecars, and everything in between. To highlight this growth, six new cars have been built by Scott’s Rods over the past six weeks, and we have another four being built for customers at this moment.

Scott’s Rods Performance Exhausts and Mechanical can also build engines (Track Attack and CAMS spec), supply full suspension bush kits, refurbished suspension arms, and new sway bars, shock packages, refurbished front hub, wheel bearing, and brake rotor setups, race wheels, short shift gear levers, and even tyres. We currently do race preparation round to round for various Excel racers here in Brisbane as well.

Hyundai Excel Race Exhaust

Scott’s Rods Excel Race Exhaust complies with the rules of the Qld Track Attack series and the CAMS National Excel X3 series.  The exhaust consists of secondaries and a full exhaust with hotdogs to suit X3 Hyundai Excel 3 Door Hatch 1.5L Twin Cam.  This exhaust replaces the standard cat and is for race use only.  It can be sent Australia wide.

Hyundai Excel 6 point Roll Cage

We can supply the roll cage as a kit with the bends and straight pipe ready to be picked up. The kit is $650 and comes with the Main Hoop, Front Legs, Windscreen bar all bent up and straight for the Main Hoop Diagonal/ Seat belt/Taxi bar, Double Intrusion Bars, Rear Legs and Rear Leg Cross Bar. You need to scallop/notch the tube to suit your needs. The roll cage will comply with both series, however if you are installing yourself, the quality of welding and joining will determine compliance. You can find the DIY kit here.  Due to size and weight, the kit will need to be picked up from our workshop. Our price to supply and fully install the Excel 6 point roll cage is $1850.00

Hyundai Excel Road Use Exhaust

Due to increased interest in our Excel Race exhaust, we now also supply a sports exhaust to suit road registered Excels.  These kits are a cat back exhaust and bolt to the rear flange of the standard cat pipe in the original position. Cat Back Sports Exhaust to suit X3 Hyundai Excel 3 Door Hatch 1.5L Twin Cam. Mandrel bent using Aluminised Mild Steel with quality performance hotdogs to give a sports note. This kit can be sent Australia wide.

There are other services we offer such as dyno runs to ensure correct set up, mechanical repairs and race prep to help you get the most from your time on the race track.

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