SR4x4 Performance Exhaust to suit Mazda BT-50 3.2 and Ford Ranger 3.2 2012-2016 (Pre-DPF) 4WD

SR4x4 Performance Exhaust to suit Mazda BT-50 3.2 and Ford Ranger 3.2 2012-2016 (Pre-DPF) 4WD Turbo Diesel

3" SR4x4 Performance Exhaust to suit Mazda BT-50 3.2 and Ford Ranger 3.2 2012-2016 (Pre DPF models) 4WD Turbo Diesel

This DIY Kit to Suit 3.2 BT-50 UP-UR or PX1-PX2 Ranger (Pre DPF) is a true 3” turbo back exhaust designed to give customers a free flowing performance exhaust they can simply bolt on themselves.  All our SR4x4 performance exhausts are made in Australia by Scott’s Rods Performance Exhausts in Yamanto, Queensland.

Our kit for this model consists of a long 3" dump pipe for ease of fitment. The dump pipe has a quality stainless 200 cell high flow diesel specific catalytic converter and a stainless flex bellow fitted to allow for engine movement. A 1/8th NPT bung is also fitted to give the customer easy access to fit a Pyro/EGT (exhaust gas temperature) probe.

The exhaust kit has a very short muffler section which is fitted with a quality resonator. We opted to go to the smaller resonator for these models due to the usual sports mufflers not giving enough note for most customers. The resonator is a straight through design which remains unrestrictive, while keeping the exhaust sound to a subtle sports note. As with all our kits, the muffler section can be made without the muffler if the customer prefers a louder exhaust note.

The tail pipe is straight through pipe. 

Customer feedback on our BT50 and Ranger kits suggests the best sounding option is with a Cat and Resonator.

The 3.2L BT-50 and Ranger 5cylinder 2012-2016 (Pre-DPF) came from factory with a catalytic converter and therefore a cat is legally required with this exhaust. You can however opt to go for a 3" Turbo Back Without Cat (Off-Road Use Only) although this cannot be legally driven on the road.

If you are looking at the exhaust with no cat, please be advised that the lack of cat does create a different exhaust sound that some customers may not like. This may also be experienced with no muffler/resonator. This is a unique sound to this specific vehicle.

Late 2016 Model BT-50 and Ranger were released with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), Our Turbo back exhausts will not fit models fitted with the DPF

All our SR4x4 3” turbo back exhaust kits can be delivered Australia wide and include exhaust gaskets and nuts and bolts.  The turbo to dump pipe gasket is not included as this is a steel usable gasket and all rubber hanging points are reused.

Price for the kit with Catalytic converter is currently $795. This is a saving of $100 or,
Price for the kit Without Catalytic converter (Offroad use only) is currently $695. This is a saving of $100.

Fitment or freight are extra.  We offer custom fitment for standard and modified vehicles and many other services too.

Scott's Rods Performance Exhausts are located at 25 Belar Street, Yamanto, Queensland, 4305. Phone (07)38120266.

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