Diesel Intake System Clean

Author: Jamie   Date Posted:22 June 2018 

Is your Diesel 4WD or Diesel vehicle feeling sluggish, or down on power?

Common rail diesel engines can be affected by carbon build up on the intake side of the engine, and this can seriously affect the performance of your vehicle. High fuel consumption, running rough, loss of power and blowing black smoke are just some of the symptoms that can be experienced.

The vehicles EGR valve (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) can also get congested with carbon, which can also affect the efficiency of the Turbocharger, if the vehicle is Turbocharged. Long-term, it can also damage the Turbocharger, meaning a far more expensive repair.

The EGR’s job is to take a portion of the spent exhaust gases and recirculate them back through the intake side of the motor, re-introducing them to a secondary combustion cycle to be re-burned, and broken down into smaller elements to produce a smaller carbon footprint. A good thing for the environment, but not so good for the engine.

There are various fuel treatments available that can help to a point, but ideally an intake system clean is the most effective way to clean out the intake and EGR system of your vehicle.

Scott’s Rods Performance Exhausts and Mechanical Yamanto has a system specifically for Diesel vehicles that will do the job! Our on-car system clean is $300.00, plus the cost of an oil and filter change specific for your vehicle. Ideally this can be done at a scheduled service, when an oil change and filter change is due.

Come and see us at 25 Belar Street, Yamanto, or Phone (07) 3812 0266 to get a quote or book your vehicle in. We have a local pickup / drop off service available, or you can sit and wait in comfort in our new Customer Lounge.


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