PowerPlus Racing Fuels distributed by Scott's Rods Performance Exhausts & Mechanical in Ipswich, Qld

Author: Roslyn Green  Date Posted:28 January 2018 

Scott’s Rods Performance Exhausts & Mechanical are now a distributor for PowerPlus Racing Fuels.  Our workshop in Yamanto, Ipswich, Queensland is located just a few minutes’ drive from Queensland Raceway making it easy for drag racing, motor racing circuit, go carting, drifting and motorcycle racing enthusiasts to access.

PowerPlus Racing Fuels are an Australian owned and operated company, being a division of ACB Group, a specialist manufacturer to the chemical industry.  PowerPlus Racing Fuels have total control of their products at their analytical and research laboratories, resulting in the ongoing evolution of race fuels and automotive additives. This attention to detail ensures every Powerplus Racing Fuel product meets the highest quality standards giving superior performance and consistency.

PowerPlus Racing Fuels products include E85, E98, 98+, E98+, 99+, 100+, 102+, 105+, 108+, 110+, Methanol and Diesel.

Fuels are available in 20L and 200L drums.  Stock levels vary so it is best to order in advance to ensure supply before your next race meet.

More information, Safety Data Sheets and Pricing can be found on our website here.

Our location is 25 Belar Street, Yamanto, Queensland, 4305.  Our other services can be found here.

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Email: sales@scottsrods.com.au