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Intake Cleaning and ECU Flash Tunes

At Scott’s Rods Performance Exhausts and Mechanical Yamanto, we offer the ultimate in Diesel Tuning (ECU Flash Tuning or Remap) for most late model CRD (Common Rail Diesel) turbo diesel vehicles.  These performance upgrades are designed to give you a better driving experience and can be done by themselves or as part of a package with any other option of one of our 3” exhaust systems, Safari Snorkel, (Intake) Soot Clean, Mechanical Servicing, or any other service we offer.

The benefits of an ECU Flash Tune include;

Results are achieved by remapping and changing the parameters in the vehicle’s ECU and may involve changes to fuel delivery, boost control and injection timing.

All tunes are custom written depending on the result you are after, the vehicle’s modifications and your driving requirements (i.e. towing, touring, etc.), so you can choose a mild tune,  the ultimate tuning experience, or somewhere in between.

The CRD Tuning / ECU Remapping is done on our dyno, the process can take 1 – 2 days and pricing starts from $1200 depending on your vehicle.

Other services available include Exhaust Upgrades, Intake Soot Cleaning, Safari Snorkels, Catch Cans, Intercoolers, Suspension and full Mechanical Services.

So what exactly is an ‘Intake Clean’ or ‘Soot Clean’. Intake system soot is made up of sticky carbon deposits, which develop and are re-circulated inside diesel engines due to the operation of the engine’s EGR Valve. This build-up restricts air flow and reduces the engine’s efficiency and performance. It will also contribute to poor fuel economy.

There are two effective ways of cleaning the intake system. There are Mechanical Workshops that will offer to spray an over the counter aerosol can product into the intake, but this typically does not work and is not as efficient in the long run.

Scott’s Rods offer an on vehicle Chemical Clean consisting of a cleaning agent introduced into the intake system under pressure, with the engine running at a set RPM for a period of time. The cleaning agent circulates through the intake manifold, intake system and cylinder head, dissolving the soot build up and exits the exhaust pipe, not as a solid, but as a vapour. This clean also involves changing the oil and oil filter for the engine afterwards, as the cleaning agent contaminates the engine oil during the cleaning process. Ideally, timing the intake clean with a scheduled service is suggested, as the engine oil and filter gets changed anyway at this time.

We can also determine the level of intake congestion with a boroscope camera, and if at that time, a chemical clean will not do the job, an off vehicle clean is the next step. This involves removing the vehicle’s intake system (Intake manifold and EGR) and having it acid or hot dipped to remove the caked on deposits. This can be typical of vehicles over 150,000km’s from our experience, that have never had an intake clean. Due to the time involved in removing and replacing the cleaned parts, this is a more costly option than our recommended chemical clean.

If you are looking at an ECU Flash Tune, depending of the age and km’s of your vehicle, Scott’s Rods Performance Exhausts and Mechanical would highly recommend one of our 3” 4WD Turbo Back Exhaust Systems, and if required, an Intake Clean to maximise the performance of the tune and ultimately your vehicle.

Please call us on (07) 3812 0266 with any questions, Email us at sales@scottsrods.com.au , or send us a message on our Facebook page with your vehicle details and we can offer further information and a quote.

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