Get Your Car Battery Checked For Winter

Date Posted:13 June 2018 

Is your car struggling to turn over on cold mornings?

With Winter upon us, you may have noticed this recently. Not sure? Come and see us at Scotts Rods Performance Exhausts and Mechanical, Yamanto, for a FREE Battery Test.

Batteries can often fail when least expected. The usual warning is a slower than normal ability to crank the engine. Other less noticeable factors, such as changed driving patterns and colder weather can also have an effect on the life of a battery.

Vibration can also reduce a battery’s life. Always use an approved battery clamp to limit vibration. Unfortunately, batteries don’t last forever, and this can also be determined by the application and the operating conditions. Constant short drives in your vehicle may mean the battery needs to be charged regularly to extend the life of it.

Battery testing should be considered an important part of any vehicle maintenance and should be performed whether or not a starting problem has occurred. Due to the increased electrical demands on the battery, little warning is given before failure. Scotts Rods always check the battery in your vehicle when doing a Mechanical Service.

If a battery does need replacing, Scotts Rods has access to a wide variety of top quality batteries at competitive prices.

Again, if you’re not sure, come and see us at 25 Belar Street, Yamanto, or Phone (07) 3812 0266 for a FREE Battery Test.

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