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Frequently Asked Questions about our 3” Turbo Back Exhaust Kits to suit 4WD Turbo Diesels

Frequently Asked Questions about our 3” Turbo Back Exhaust Kits 

What components are used to make our Exhaust Kits?

We use 409 grade Stainless Steel tube on our CNC mandrel bending machines to produce our 3” Turbo Back Exhaust Kits

What is 409 grade Stainless Steel and why is it the best choice for your exhaust system?

409 Stainless Steel is a titanium-stabilised ferritic stainless steel that is almost exclusively used for exhaust systems.  It is used in applications where mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and high heat tolerance are more important than appearance.

409 grade Stainless Steel is resistant to atmospheric and exhaust gas corrosion. You may notice a light surface rust forming in time which is oxidisation and actually helps slow further corrosion.

How loud are your 3” exhaust kits on a turbo diesel 4WD?

We use a quality sports muffler that has a straight through sports design. Both the internals and externals of our muffler are stainless.  They have an Offset Centre design to allow flow of exhaust gas with minimal restriction, while still reducing noise.  The end result it a subtle sports note which is only slightly louder than standard.

There are a few models we offer such as the 79 series V8 Landcruiser, the Ford Ranger 3.2L PX and BT50 3.2L that sound better with a round resonator in place of the muffler. We can make these models with a muffler if you prefer a quieter option.

What is a Flex Joint or Bellow?

We use a quality double braided stainless flex in every turbo back exhaust we manufacture. This allows the exhaust to move and flex with engine movement and prevent damage.

What style of Flanges are used on your exhaust kits?

We use 8mm mild steel flanges that are laser cut locally to our exact specifications.  We use 2 bolt flanges to help with clearance and some exhaust kits use a set of 3 bolt flanges if this is best for a purpose.  We believe that 8mm flanges are superior to reduce added weight in the exhaust.

What type of Catalytic Converter do you use and will it restrict the exhaust?

We only use Diesel Specific Catalytic Converters in Diesel vehicles.  The cats we use are 200 cell (CPSI) to allow exhaust gas flow, and have a metallic core to prevent breakage and blockage that can occur with ceramic core cats.

If your vehicle came standard with a catalytic converter, it requires one to remain legal for road use.  We do however give you the option to not have a catalytic converter as many of our customers have vehicles used exclusively off road. 

Where are the exhausts made?

Scott’s Rods Performance Exhausts & Mechanical is located at 25 Belar Street, Yamanto, Queensland, 4305.  We have four components to our business all at the one location;

  1. A full custom fabrication workshop where we build performance exhausts and roll cages and offer full fitment services for exhausts, snorkels, bull bars, etc.
  2. A fully equipped Mechanical Workshop.
  3. A dyno tuning centre for ECU Flash Tuning, diagnostics and power runs.
  4. A manufacturing facility where all our exhaust kits are made with CNC mandrel bending machines.

You are welcome to come in and see us Monday to Friday 8.00am to 4.30pm. 

​Phone us on (07)38120266 or email us at sales@scottsrods.com.au

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