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Performance is our Passion: From Daily Drivers to Race Cars and everything in between.

We are a performance exhaust and mechanical shop in Ipswich, Queensland.  Our mission is to offer our customers the best quality products and services at an affordable price.

We are located at 25 Belar Street, Yamanto, Queensland, 4305.

Our services include:

Mechanical Repairs & Log Book Servicing

Scott's Rods offer log book servicing and mechanical repairs on a range of vehicles, including 4WD's.  All mechanical work is carried out by a fully qualified and experienced mechanic. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Log Book Servicing
  • Vehicle Safety Inspection
  • Brake Services
  • 4wd Servicing
  • Suspension Checks & Upgrades
  • Mechanical Repairs
  • Clutch Services & Upgrades
  • Emission Checks
  • Diagnostics

Custom Exhausts & Extractors

Scott’s Rods Performance Exhausts are best known for our custom made performance exhausts and extractors.  Our team are passionate about providing our customers with the best performance and sound for their vehicle.

All our custom exhausts and extractors are made using our mandrel bending machines to produce the best flow and limit any restriction in the exhaust.  All our exhausts are flanged for ease of access to undercar components. We work on a variety of vehicles from classic show cars, race cars and daily drivers.  We also do custom motorbike exhausts for vintage bikes through to new race bikes and everything in between.

Roll Cages & Race Car Fabrication

If you are looking for an experienced Roll Cage Builder / Fabricator in the Ipswich, Brisbane area, your search is over!  Our team have fabricated hundreds of roll cages to CAMS Spec for circuit racing and ANDRA Spec for drag racing.  If you are a serious racer you will be looking for a 6 point roll cage which is what we specialise in.

Speed way roll cages are also a specialty at Scott's Rods.

Our pricing is very competitive, with our roll cages for the Excel Cup race cars starting at $1650.

Some other race fabrication and custom welding we offer includes;

  • turbo manifolds
  • intercooler piping
  • aluminium fuel tanks
  • alloy welding
  • mandrel bending

SR 4x4 Turbo Diesel Exhaust Kits

At Scott's Rods we manufacture our own range of 3" turbo back performance exhausts to suit a variety of 4WD turbo diesels.  Our SR 4x4 range is made in house on our CNC mandrel benders, and offers customers a quality Australian made exhaust at a great price. 

SR4x4 performance exhausts are made with 1.6mm wall aluminised mild steel to keep the weight to a minimum. We use quality components such as a performance sports muffler, a flex joint and a diesel specific high flow metal cat (if applicable to your vehicle requirements).

All our kits are designed to bolt up to original hanging points on unmodified factory turbo diesel models. The exhausts are made as a DIY kit that can be delivered Australia wide and includes exhaust gaskets, nut and bolts for ease of fitment.

The result is a quality Australian made 3" performance exhaust that is free flowing to improve your low down torque, throttle response and fuel efficiency.  The SR4x4 range is designed to give a subtle sports note without being overly loud. 

View our full range.

Diesel Flash Tuning ECU Remapping 

At Scott’s Rods Performance Exhausts, we offer the ultimate in Diesel Tuning (ECU Flash Tuning) for most late model CRD turbo diesel vehicles.  These performance upgrades are designed to give you a better driving experience and can be done by themselves or as part of a package with any other option of an exhaust, safari snorkel, soot clean, oil change, or any other service we offer.

The benefits of an ECU Flash Tune include;

  • Gains in both power and torque
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Better throttle response

Results are achieved by changing the parameters in the vehicle’s ECU and may involve changes to fuel delivery, boost control and injection timing.

All tunes are custom written depending on the result you are after, the vehicle’s modifications and your driving requirements (i.e. towing, touring, etc.).  So you can choose a mild tune or the ultimate tuning experience, or somewhere in between.

The CRD Tuning / ECU Remapping is done on our dyno.  The process takes 1 – 2 days and pricing starts from $1200 depending on your vehicle.

Bolt On Extractors Headers

We use and recommend mandrel bent extractors for superior flow and enhanced performance. Pacemaker Headers, Hurricane Headers and Xforce are our most popular bolt on performance products.  We are authorised dealers for all three options.

We can supply and fit Pacemaker Headers, Hurricane Headers and Xforce Performance Exhausts at our workshop, or simply supply for you to pick up and fit yourself. Call or email us with any product enquiries and we can order in any parts we don't keep in stock.

Exhaust Consumables & Accessories

We stock a huge variety of quality exhaust consumables in our retail store. All parts are the same as we use in our custom exhaust work so you can be assured of the high quality and usability.

Scotts Rods supplies only premium grade mufflers and resonators. We have a large range of specially designed straight through oval mufflers, round resonators, perforated hotdogs and louvered hotdogs.

We stock a large range of exhaust pipes, rubbers, gaskets, mounting brackets, rods and universal hangers for repairs or DIY installation.

If you are custom making an exhaust or simply repairing your existing exhaust, give us a call or send us a message with your requirements and we will try our best to find the part you need for the job.

Catalytic Converters

A catalytic converter (cat) is an emissions control device that converts toxic gases in your exhaust to less harmful emissions before leaving the vehicle’s exhaust system.  A catalytic converter is usually fitted into your exhaust pipe work as close as possible to the engine.

Whether you want a catalytic converter for race use or a specific euro rating, we carry a range of cats in different shapes and sizes.  Most cats are a universal fit so you need to confirm they will suit the exhaust pipe size, the clearance under the vehicle and the space you have to fit the cat (length and diameter of the cat body).

We carry a range of Catalytic converters both petrol and diesel specific.

XFORCE Exhausts

We are an authorised dealer for XFORCE Performance Exhausts.  Xforce offer a wide range of bolt on performance exhausts, extractors and high flow cats to suit a variety of vehicles.  Xforce is also the home of the VAREX variable sound muffler. We can supply and fit Xforce products at very competitive prices. Please call or message us with any product enquiries.

Safari Snorkels 4x4

Australian made Safari Snorkels are designed and manufactured to keep your 4WD breathing, whether it be driving through the bush or a deep water river crossing in the outback.

We can supply and fit Safari Snorkels at our workshop, or just offer a great price for a kit so you can pick up for DIY. Please contact us for all product enquiries.

25 Belar Street, Yamanto, Queensland, 4305
Phone: (07) 3812 0266
Email: sales@scottsrods.com.au 

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